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It was September 2016, right after our son Kozmos was born and Jayne was on maternity leave, when we decided to be self-employed and put some real effort into creating our digital bookkeeping business. We’d been working with a couple of clients already and they were starting to recommend us to friends – and we thought we’d see where it would go. We had no experience in running a business and had no clue what to do and how to use the growth potential.

At the beginning, we named it JnH Bookkeeping. Jayne was the bookkeeper, and Hassan was the bookkeeper assistant/admin/planning and doing all the research on how to run a business – and make it successful.

zetique history

We knew from the outset that our objective was to create a digital solution that would grant us the freedom to move around as we desired. Thus, with our newborn and budding business in tow, we embarked on a journey that led us to Puebla, Mexico, on October 30th, 2016. Our primary goal was to determine the long-term feasibility of this innovative model.

Right from the start, we were acutely aware of the need to establish a brand that prioritized quality and dependability. Moreover, we were driven by the desire to empower our clients and provide a service that catered specifically to the needs of small business owners who often found themselves neglected by other bookkeeping companies.

Timeline of Zetique’s History
Sep. 06


Officially registered in Ontario, Canada as JnH Bookkeeping. We had only three clients and Kozmos was just four months old. Jayne was the doer and Hassan the planner/assistant.

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Back to Toronto. Number of clients had grown through word of mouth because of high quality service.

Team: Jayne, Hassan and new members Lorraine & Caroline.

Apr 30-Nov 30


Sep. 06


We decided to change the name to “Fewer hats Bookkeeping”. and officially registered in Ontario. No website, no Social media, nothing just loyal clients and just a logo 

Team: Jayne, Hassan, Lorraine, Caroline and new member Claire.

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Because of a copy right issue, we had to change the name. We came out with ZETIQUE.

Sep. 06

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