Full Payroll Management Services

💡 Payroll Management in Canada Simplified!

Small business owner? Tangled up in the maze of payroll? We’re here to guide you out! Unlock effortless payroll management tailored for Canadian businesses.

Why Trust Full Payroll Management?

Navigate tax obligations without hiccups.
Stay ahead with employee benefits
Always be compliant, never be confused
Be tax-season ready, all year round!
I met Jayne, founder of Zetique at a Mom-preneur event. She was part of my vow to myself to finally understand my numbers. She followed up with me and has been such an integral part of building my business ever since. I trust her and her team completely and deeply appreciate their support by taking care of the essential financial elements I don't have the bandwidth to stay on top of myself. She has a calm confidence that allows me to feel at ease and delivers on her promises. I can't recommend her and her team enough.

Your Stress-Free Payroll Journey

Employee Onboarding

-We integrate new hires smoothly.
-Every financial detail managed meticulously.

Regular Payroll Processing

-Accurate and punctual salary disbursement.
-No more compensation-related HR issues.

Tax Deductions & Compliance

-Always in sync with CRA requirements.
-Expertly handled deductions and remittances.

Employee Benefits Management

-From health insurance to pensions, we've got it.
-Simplified benefit distribution.

End-of-Year Reporting

-Prepared, accurate tax documents.
-Always be a step ahead come tax season.

Continuous Payroll Updates

-Always updated practices.
-Informed, stress-free financial planning.

Avoid Common Payroll Mistakes & Tax Issues

Say no to incorrect tax deductions.
Never face late remittance penalties.
Guarantee consistent employee data.
Ensure flawless year-end reporting.
Understand provincial tax nuances.
Navigate ever-changing tax laws with ease.
Be penalty-free during tax season.
Properly classify all employees.
If you're looking for clarity on your numbers then Zetique is what you need! I had tried for years to do my own finances, but was SO happy to share the load to my level of need (each quote they do is personalised). I now receive monthly reports so I am so clear on my numbers. Their online program makes it easy to upload my documents and there's a graph that charts my progress. Communication with them is easy through the program and they offer tonnes of other support for when I need it. I love working with Jayne and her team, they are so positive and make the numbers seem easy. No more stress!
Ready for Payroll

Embrace efficiency, peace, trust, and relief with our Full Payroll Management. Let us shoulder your payroll burdens.